Plant Sale

Join us for our Fall Plant Sale!
September 10, from 5-8 at the Moab Farmers’ Market
September 11, from 4-7 at the Youth Garden Project

Fall is a great time in Moab to plant trees, berries, perennials, and vegetables that enjoy the cooler temperatures! For the first time, YGP is hosting a Fall Plant Sale! We will be selling plants that are great for your garden and yard as we enter into the new season.  Join us and keep on growing!

There are many vegetables that are difficult to grow in Moab during the summer months because it is too hot. These crops are great to be planted in the Spring and Fall because they thrive with the cooler termperatures.  We expect to have the following plant starts available at our Fall Plant Sale:

Red Russian kale—This kale has smooth, flat leaves with a purple stem. The leaves are more tender compared to other kales, and can easily be used in salads.

Collard greens—This hardy green is cold tolerant and will last well into the fall. It can be eaten raw or prepared. Their flavor is enhanced as temperatures drop.

Vienna kohlrabi (white and purple)—Purple or white skinned above-ground bulb with crisp white flesh. Kohlrabi is delicious raw, roasted or steamed and has a turnip-like flavor, though is more mild. They are best harvested at 2 ½” diameter, and after their skin becomes more fibrous.

Lexton leek—Tolerant of cold and can be harvested into the early winter. The foliage is dark-blue green, and the leek is unlikely to bulb or split. Blanch the stems by mounding soil around the stems when they are about 1” thick.

Walla Walla onion—This mild yellow onion is a favorite. In the fall, harvest as a small bulb, or over-winter for a large spring onion. They are perfect for caramelizing, and their green tops are also good for eating.

Nabechan onion—This bunching onion is said to be sweeter than a typical onion. They grow upright and form uniform, thick shafts. It is a Japanese variety and can be grown like a leek to form a large scallion.

Bolivian rainbow peppers—These peppers are grown from seed saved at YGP! These small hot peppers change color from purple to red, and make a bright, edible addition to your indoor plant collection. Put this plant in a south-facing window for the winter. The peppers are very hot!

Thai orange chile peppers—Thai peppers are small, but they pack a punch! The small, mounded plants are loaded with fruit and do well in containers.

Genovese basil—This variety of basil is said to make the best pesto. Has high yields when cut back to encourage bushiness.

Mammoth basil—This variety of basil exhibits large leaves with a ruffled texture. It also makes delicious pesto, and is said to have a stronger flavor. This plant has a short growth habit, but the leaves can grow as big as a hand!

Spinach—A standard spinach variety that does better in hot weather than most varieties. The leaves sweeten with cooler temperatures, and can be overwintered to get a head start on your spring garden.

Allstar lettuce mix—This mix of cut lettuce contains a variety of green and red lettuces such as Green Oakleaf, Red Oakleaf, Green Romaine, Red Romaine, Lollo Rossa, and Redleaf lettuces. Perfect for fall salads!

Mint—Propagated from our very own YGP mint patch, now you too can delight in this refreshing herb. Be careful where you plant mint, and consider using a container, as it will spread!

Strawberries—These strawberries were propagated from our own plants at YGP. Enjoy their sweet fruits in the spring, and freeze some for the winter months, too!

Garlic seed—Seed garlic from YGP’s fall crop. Plant and mulch heavily in the late fall for an abundant harvest the following year. Garlic is incredibly useful in cooking and as a natural medicine.

…And a variety of fruit trees, bulbs, seeds, native plants, and perennial plants from local nursery Wildland Scapes

Annual Spring Plant Sale

The delite at plant salesale features plants grown here at YGP, and plants from other local and regional growers: Wildland Scapes and Castle Valley grower, Pam Hackley and Alice Drogin of Canyon Nursery. We offer a large variety of locally-grown vegetable starts including tomatoes, peppers, salad and dark greens, eggplants, onions and squash. Additionally, herbs, native perennials, ground covers, flowering perennials, and fruit trees! Rain barrels made in-house will also be for sale.

•All plants have been individually chosen for successful growing in the Moab area, and our helpful staff will be available to answer your gardening questions!

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Starts listed as “available in April” are cool weather crops that can be purchased from the garden prior to the Spring Plant Sale on a walk-in basis. Check back in midApril to see when kale, leeks, broccoli, etc. are ready to go home with you!