Meet the Board

Anne Clare Erickson - President, Western Spirit Cycling

Anne Clare

Anne Clare is on the board at the Youth Garden because she loves being involved with a group that has such a positive influence on the community. She came to Moab for a college course, and upon completing it, returned to Moab, where she has lived for over 30 years. She loves to garden, backpack and ride her road bike. She worked as both a river and mountain bike guide, before managing permits and sales at Western Spirit Cycling. She lives with her husband, her garden, and her many pieces of Fiestaware.



Trish Hawkins – Vice President, Landscape Designer with Gaia Designs

Born in England, I moved to Moab in 1989 to work as a guide and later a landscape designer. I’ve always loved to be outside, to be gardening, farming, getting my hands in the dirt and living with the seasons. I think it’s very important. The Youth Garden Project offers our kids the opportunity to do just that, to be outside and to learn how to grow food with a bunch of really great people, what could be better! That’s why I give my time to YGP.




Gerrish Willis – Secretary, Retired Biologist

Gerrish is a long standing gardening enthusiast. He grew up in a small southern Virginia town where everyone had a garden and he took over operating the family’s garden at the young age of 13. He is very excited to serve on the board of Youth Garden Project so other kids can have similar experiences. Growing ones own food allows us to better understand the connection between the earth and our lives and to learn important life skills. Youth Garden Project is a great asset to Grand County and Gerrish’s interest in serving on the board is to help ensure that Youth Garden Project thrives in the years ahead.



Tim Graham, Retired Desert Ecologist

Tim GrahamTim is a desert ecologist who has been studying the uncharismatic microfauna of the Colorado Plateau—terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles—for over 30 years.  He also enjoys hiking, gardening and playing soccer. Lots and lots of soccer. Tim retired from the USGS in 2009, but hasn’t retired from life; he hasn’t found a reason to stop yet.




Alina Murdock, Middle School Art Teacher and Artist


Jerry Shue, Retired Educator

Jerry ShueMy wife Barb and I moved to Moab in 2005. Back in Pennsylvania I was teaching physical geography, and felt I should get a firsthand look at the landscape and challenges of the arid southwest. We came here for our honeymoon in 1990, drank from Matrimony Spring, kept coming back, and now, here we are. Lately I have been preoccupied with learning to raise honey bees in a desert environment. I was drawn to the Youth Garden Project because of its mission to teach children, but have grown to appreciate the importance of its larger role as a center for community interaction across generations.




The Board can be contacted by emailing