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YGP offers two different educational internships. Garden Interns support our mission agriculturally, and Program Instructor Interns focus on the Garden’s youth programs. Both of these positions offer unique opportunities to engage with the Moab community, from growing food, and leading volunteers in the garden to teaching science lessons to students.


We are now hiring interns for the 2017 season! Applications will be accepted until filled.

See the attached position descriptions for more details and information on how to apply:

Full Season Garden Internship

Spring / Summer Garden Internship

Spring / Summer Program Instructor Internship

Stay tuned for Summer/Fall internships which will be posted early March.


What past interns are saying…

sarah b“Since leaving YGP in August 2013, I moved into environmental education. I am currently working as the Assistant Director at the Blue Ridge Outdoor Education Center in northeastern Georgia.  I used my YGP gardening skills to implement a teaching garden!” – Sarah Britton


“The Youth Garden Project has allowed me to grow in so many different and exciting ways…It is rare to find a combination of such inspiring co-workers, enthusiastic kids, and a welcoming community.” – Becky Peterson



“My experience at YGP helped me to discover my passion for environmental education. While in the Peace Corps, I have used YGP lesson plan ideas and gardening skills, and I can confidently say that my YGP internship made me a more successful Peace Corps Volunteer. When I finish the Peace Corps in May 2016, I will get my Master’s in Education with an Environmental Education focus.” – Jihan Grettenberger


“The Youth Garden can teach you about growing food, educating our youth and making great friends, but above it all, it allows you to experience the process of creating a strong, place-based community from those who live it.”- Dylan Johnston


dog hoffman“I am currently in Madison, WI studying the impacts of agriculture on ecosystems and social systems. One of my favorite things this semester is singing TWO different songs to my entire Soil Science class.  YGP taught me that my body and mind thrive when I’m connected to the changes in the land throughout the seasons, that I live for the thrill of teaching someone something exciting about how all life is connected, and that when we care for the world around us, we also thrive. And that I grow when I’m caring for, and cared by, the people around me.” – Amanda Hoffman


“I had a great time working with the Youth Garden Project. There are plenty of opportunities to learn a wide variety of skills and knowledge related to local food systems, as well as educating youth on this and other garden-related concepts. The staff is open and receptive to hearing what you want to learn and trying to accommodate it into the internship.”-Bryan Alexander



“I remember one particular day I was tired, and dragging my feet. And then the kids came- which they do every day- but this particular day was garlic planting day. As a garden intern, this meant that I was able to help teach children (who mostly only know garlic as something that makes pasta sauce awesome) how to grow one of my favorite things. I couldn’t stop smiling. I don’t remember being tired after that.  I am currently living in Moab creating and selling garlic garb, writing, and leading trail rides. Working with YGP allowed me to become even more connected to the special network of humans and organizations that make the Moab community what it is. I also discovered my love of garlic AND how to grow it. garlivegarlovegarlic” – Cali Bulmash


jenae“I was a YGP garden intern in 2014, and loved every minute of it. My time at YGP taught me how to appreciate the little joys of being involved in your food: the smell of fresh pulled garlic, the joy of giant beets, embracing peach juice dripping to my elbows, and how satisfying it can be to watch squash bugs be drowned.  These little joys developed into a passion–I wanted to work with agriculture within the nonprofit world. So I completed a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA at The Green Urban Lunchbox, and was recently hired on full time and to run the FruitShare program for the Salt Lake Valley. My experience at YGP definitely enhanced my capability of taking on a position like this. ” – Jenae Ridge