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Small in Size, but Big in Potential

Small in Size, but Big in Potential

by Amy Moscowitz, Spring/Summer Program Instructor, 2016 Sometimes, it’s really scary to feel small, and sometimes it’s really nice. Floating down the river between huge red rock cliffs, sitting on the ground looking up at a 7 foot sunflower, laying on your back taking in the immensity of a starry night sky, and even standingContinue Reading

Full Season Reflections

Full Season Reflections

by Naomi Stern, Full Season Program Instructor, 2015 “You want to move where?!” was the classic response when I would tell my friends, family, or coworkers that I was about to move to Utah. For many of them they could not imagine the appeal of uprooting my life in California, moving to the desert, orContinue Reading


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We are now hiring interns for the 2017 season! Below are the position descriptions along with information on how to apply:

Spring / Summer Program Instructor Internship

Full Season Garden Internship

Spring / Summer Garden Internship

Stay tuned for Summer/Fall Internships which will be posted early March.



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