Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop!

The Youth Garden Project will be hosting a fruit tree pruning workshop the first weekend in March. This workshop, the second of the season, will take place on Saturday, March 3rd 9:00-11:00AM. We are excited to have expert orchardist Andrew Riley teach community members the tricks of the trade! Andrew is a long-time friend of the Youth Garden Project and has taken time during many a spring season to help YGP’s orchard get into ship shape for fruit! His expertise has always been a great help, and has certainly played a role in several bountiful harvests. Read more below on pruning and the workshop plan…

YGP’s orchard consists of about 45 trees, most of which are peaches. Amongst the peach you will find apples, a couple of plums, and some almonds. In the garden itself there are also a few pears, plum, and apricots scattered alongside paths. One of the greatest things about our orchard, aside from eating/selling fresh fruit and making jam, is having the summer campers harvest their own snack right from the tree. It sure does make it taste that much better when you pick the best fruit you can find on your own!

So why a pruning workshop? Well, all of the fruit we yield and simple pleasures we get out of our orchard wouldn’t be as grand if it weren’t for caring for and pruning the trees! Pruning helps to ensure the health and stability of your trees by encouraging/training growth in the right places. Pruning can also help with your fruit yield, and make harvesting easier by making certain fruiting branches more accessible. If you are interested in how to best care for your fruit trees and encourage their healthy growth, head down to this learning-by-doing workshop.Through Andrew’s instruction, we will use the YGP orchard as a learning and practice tool to foster your pruning skills!

  • Where: The Youth Garden Project
  • When: Saturday March 3rd, 2012 9:00-11:00AM
  • Cost: $10 (tuition assistance is available upon pre-request)
  • Register: To sign up call YGP at 435-259-2326
  • Bring: Loppers if you have them. Supplemental loppers and gloves will be provided.

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