Youth Camps in Moab

Youth Camps

The Youth Garden Project offers youth camps throughout the year for kids in Grand County. For more information on any of our programs, please follow the links on the site, or call 435-259-2326.

Spring Break Camp

The YGP Spring Break Camp provides an outdoor and educational opportunity for families with 1st-4th graders during the school’s spring break. The Youth Garden Project provides a morning snack and lunch that incorporates garden ingredients when possible. The cost of Spring Break Camp is $80* per child for the week. Camp takes place Monday-Friday from 9:00am-1:00pm during the school vacation week.

*Tuition assistance available for those who apply.

Summer Camps

Summer Camp provides a safe, fun, and educational environment during summer vacation for youth entering 1st-6th grade. Children participate in 3 activities per day that utilize the garden as much as possible as a learning tool.
Campers spend the day on-site participating in activities, swimming in the creek, playing at Rotary Park, and cooling off during personal choice time. Summer Camp is not only a place for learning and fun, but a place where campers build lasting friendships.

Spring Break Camp Details

Spring Break Details

Each day campers participate in a variety of activities that correlate to the days’ theme. This year’s themes are as follows:

  • Monday: Welcome to the Garden!
  • Tuesday: Dino Day!
  • Wednesday: Build It!
  • Thursday: Cooking!
  • Friday: Music Makers!
Camp Schedule

Camp Dates: April 10-14, 2017

Camp Drop-off Time: 9:00 a.m.

Camp Pick-up Time: 12:45-1:00 p.m.

Camp Drop Off/Pick Up Location: Youth Garden Project Patio

Register for Spring Break Camp

Registration is now open!

Deadline to register is by March 31st. 

Registration is based on a first come first served policy, so be sure to sign-up as soon as possible. Registration forms are available at our office or you can print the form here.

Download 2017 Spring Break Camp Registration Form

Please fill out the form in its entirety and return it to the Youth Garden Project office with your payment.

If you’re unsure whether Spring Break Camp is for you, take a look at the FAQ’s. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 435.259.2326 or email our Program Manager with further questions!

Download 2017 Spring Camp FAQ’s
Tuition Assistance Application

Tuition Assistance is available for qualifying families. Families interested in applying for tuition assistance can print the application here.

Download 2017 Spring Camp Tuition Assistance Form

Turn in the tuition assistance application with your registration forms by March 31st.

We will contact families regarding tuition assistance availability during the week of April 3rd.

Payment for camp is due by the first day of camp – April 10th.
If you have questions about our Tuition Assistance program, please call us at 435.259.2326.

Summer Camp Details

Summer Camp Details

Our Summer Camp program is a Day Camp from 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday, during nine weeks of the school’s summer break for kids entering 1st-6th grades. Each camp is a one-week session with a unique theme and theme related activities for each of the nine weeks. Campers can register for one week, all nine weeks, or anything in-between.

The Summer Camp registration fee is $120 per child for each week. Tuition assistance is available for qualifying families.

If you are unsure whether YGP’s Summer Camp is right for you, take a look at the FAQ’s about Summer Camp. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Program Manager via email or by calling 435.259.2326 for further concerns and/or questions!

Check out Summer Camp FAQ’s
Summer Camp Schedule

Each day of camp begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. Drop-off and Pick-up are at the Youth Garden Project.

Week 1: ANIMALS ALL AROUND US! (June 5-9)
Ever wonder what might be lurking under the red rocks or camouflaging out in the high desert? We will learn all about the animals and insects of the southwest, as well as get up close and personal with the creatures who call the garden home!

Week 2: MAD SCIENTISTS! (June 12-16)
Do you love the many wonders of science? During this week we will learn about and transform ourselves into scientists of all kinds—paleontologists, engineers, geologists, astronomers, and beyond! Conduct experiments and explore the phenomena of the universe right here at YGP.

Week 3: ARTRAGEOUS! (June 19-23)
Get ready to nurture your creativity and hone in on your artistic skills. Through the course of this week we will explore all types of art through a variety of fun craft projects. Discover the depths of your imagination through music, painting, building, and more using natural materials of all kinds. Be prepared because it’s going to be ARTRAGEOUS!

Week 4: OUR AMAZING PLANET! (June 26-30)—partnering with Canyonlands Field Institute
Think: Earth Day, but for a whole week! Campers will participate in activities that encourage treating this planet we call home with respect. Recycling, composting, water conservation and the list goes on! Join us as we explore what is beneficial for our Earth and how we can lend a helping hand for a healthier planet.


Week 5: YGP ON BROADWAY! (July 10-14)
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! YGP is putting on another fantastic theatrical performance! Join us for this unique week of set-making, costumes, acting, and a final performance for the Moab community at Historic Star Hall.

Week 6: GREEN THUMBS! (July 17-21)
This week will take us back to our roots in the garden. We will search for living creatures of the garden, plant fall crops, harvest summer produce, learn from expert gardeners, get ready for Farmers’ Market, and more. Summer campers will get the inside scoop on what it takes to grow a garden!

Week 7: TOP CHEF! (July 24-28)
Let’s get cooking! Become the skilled chef you’ve always dreamed of being. Summer campers will prepare garden fresh goodies and bake tasty treats. Experience bringing the seed to the table while also discovering the delicious bounty the garden has to offer.

Week 8: WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE! (July 31-August 4)—partnering with Canyonlands Field Institute
Head to the Youth Garden Project to cool down during this week of Summer Camp. One of our most popular weeks of the summer is focused on one of Earth’s most precious resources—water! Throughout the week campers will experiment, learn about, and of course play with water. The week will end with a raft trip on the Colorado River. There’s no better way to appreciate the excitement of water than being on it!

Week 9: GAMES IN THE GARDEN GALORE! (August 7-11)
Join us for the last week of summer camp this season for some old fashioned fun—and what’s more fun than rounding out the summer with non-stop games? Summer campers will participate in an entire week of and games, with opportunities to work together in teams, and hone in on individual athletic skills. This week is sure to be action-packed, before heading back to school!

Download 2017 Summer Camp Schedule
Register for Summer Camp(s)

Registration for Summer Camp 2017 is now open!
To sign up, please fill out the Registration Form in its entirety and return it to the Youth Garden Project office with your deposit. Registration forms are available at the Youth Garden Project office or you can download and print them below. Remember, registration is first come first served, so be sure to sign-up as soon as possible.

Download Summer Camp Registration Form

Partnership with Canyonlands Field Institute Continues This Year!
In an effort to offer programming for more kids, we are continuing our partnership with Canyonlands Field Institute (CFI). In conjunction with our regular summer camp programming, we will offer an additional off-site camp for youth ages 7-12 during Week 4 (June 26th-30th) and Week 8 (July 31st-August 4th).

There is a separate registration form for these two weeks that needs to be filled out. They are available at the Youth Garden Project office or you can print and fill out the forms below. Please fill out ALL forms in their entirety and return them to the Youth Garden Project office with your deposit.

Download CFI Summer Camp Registration Form

Tuition Assistance Application





Families interested in applying for Tuition Assistance can print the application below, or pick one up at our office. Please fill out and turn in the Tuition Assistance Application with your registration forms by May 26th.

Summer Camp deposits are still due at the time of registration. We will be in touch with families regarding Tuition Assistance availability during the week of May 29th. If you have questions about our Tuition Assistance program, please call us at 435.259.2326.

View & Download Tuition Assistance Application

Youth Camp Payment

Payment for camp occurs only after your registration submission has been received by the Youth Garden Project, and amount total has been confirmed.

Please use the button below to make your camp payments.

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