Youth Garden Project in Moab

Youth Garden Project History

The Youth Garden Project began in March of 1996 with one program designed to offer youth with court-ordered community service hours an opportunity to serve their hours in an educational and nurturing environment. Founded by Sarah Heffron, the garden was in her backyard and served about a dozen youth in its first year. From 1997-2011, the Youth Garden Project received an AmeriCorps Grant which increased its ability to serve the community. As the garden expanded, so did the program offerings and the ability to become sustainable without AmeriCorps funding.

Today the Youth Garden Project sits on one and a half acres of land next to Grand County High School. YGP is focused on offering high-quality educational programs for youth and community members in Moab.

To learn more about any of our programs please visit the Youth Programs or Community Programs.


Youth Garden Project 1996

… And Now

Youth Garden Project 2014

Inside The Numbers…

  • We serve approximately 886 students in Grand County School District and the Moab Charter School through our Garden Classroom Field Trips and After School Programs.
  • Through our Summer Camp, YGP serves 24-36 youth each week of summer vacation.
  • 184 Middle School and High School students use the garden as a classroom during at least one of their school classes.
  • About 300 volunteers in total attend the Youth Garden Weed n’ Feed nights each season.
  • We have 14 chickens, each with an exciting personality, their own color of eggs, and all are friendly and love YGP’s kids.
  • This year, we canned over 50 quarts of produce and filled two freezers with fruits and veggies.
  • In just 1 week, the Youth Garden Summer Camp puts on a full scale garden-themed play at Moab’s Historic Star Hall each year during “Theater Week.” The play is free to the public to attend.
  • Through our summer program, we have watched thousands of Moab’s youth grow up at the Youth Garden Project.
  • We sell approximately 100 different varieties of vegetables, flowers, herbs, perennials, and bare root fruit trees at our annual plant sale!
  • We have 55 fruit trees in our orchard, including apricot, cherry, plum, peach, nectarine, pear, and apple trees.
  • Currently, YGP offers 14 Community Supported Agriculture shares each year, a program that started in 2009.
  • This year, we provided 9 pounds of salad greens to the High School Lunch program.

A note from the YGP Team:

As we do our best as organization to respond to concerns about COVID-19, we’ve made the decision to move the Spring Plant Sale online, with an option for pick-up or delivery of plant starts. Since the Plant Sale typically draws in over 10 people at a time (with staff alone we are close already), we need to make sure we are following all protocols about social distancing and large group gatherings. Shop for plants at this link. Thanks for understanding, and well wishes to all!