Youth Garden Project in Moab

Youth Garden Project History

The Youth Garden Project began in March of 1996 with one program designed to offer youth with court-ordered community service hours an opportunity to serve their hours in an educational and nurturing environment. Founded by Sarah Heffron, the garden was in her backyard and served about a dozen youth in its first year. 

Thanks to our partnerships and dedicated supporters, YGP has “grown” so much since we were founded! Today the Youth Garden Project sits on one and a half acres of land next to Grand County High School, serves around 1,000 youth each year across all age groups, and grows over 5,000 pounds of produce each season.

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Youth Garden Project 1996

… And Now

Youth Garden Project 2014

Youth Garden Project

Inclusive Practices

  1. Everybody belongs.
  2. Put relationships first – work to build community. Actively support your community.
  3. Be aware of who has power and why. Use yours to support others.
  4. Be honest to others and yourself.
  5. Take care of yourself so we can grow together.
  6. Be kind and brave. Lean into discomfort.
  7. Practice empathy. Walk in other peoples’ shoes.
  8. Words are powerful. Take responsibility for the way your words make people feel.
  9. It’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities to learn new things.
  10. Practice active listening. It’s a privilege to hear someone’s story.

Program Goals