Garden Classrooms

Garden Classrooms are 90 minute field trips for students that teach lessons through hands-on and experiential activities. Each field trip uses the garden as a classroom and is aligned with Utah Core Standards for each grade level. Students apply what they’ve learned in school and see it come to life in the garden.

Fall Field Trips

Fall, aka harvest season, is the perfect time for garden-based education. Our lesson topics include:

  • Plant Parts
  • Five Senses
  • The YGP Community 
  • Rock and Soil Connections 
  • Living, Once-Living, and Nonliving things 
  • Plant Classification with Dichotomous Keys
  • Inherited Traits 
  • Healthy Snacks 
Garden Classroom in Utah

Spring Field Trips

Garden Classrooms for Spring 2020 begin on March 30th! Lessons include:

  • The Life Cycle of a Plant
  • The Six Plant Parts
  • Water and Soil Investigations
  • The Scientific Method
  • The Components of Soils
  • All About Plant Adaptations
  • Microorganisms and their Role in the Compost Pile

A note from the YGP Team:

As we do our best as organization to respond to concerns about COVID-19, we've made the decision to move the Spring Plant Sale online, with an option for pick-up or delivery of plant starts. Since the Plant Sale typically draws in over 10 people at a time (with staff alone we are close already), we need to make sure we are following all protocols about social distancing and large group gatherings. Shop for plants at this link. Thanks for understanding, and well wishes to all!