Garden-Inspired Activities

We put together a few activities inspired by the garden that anybody can do at home!

Craft: Bonkers for Birdhouses

Birds are a really wonderful part of our garden community at YGP and a signal that spring is in the air! Today, we’re going to make upcycled birdhouses so we can enjoy the sights and sounds of spring from home! These homemade birdhouses are easy to make AND make use...

Activity: Plant Part-y!

Come, one and all, and learn about the parts and processes of PLANTS!  At the Youth Garden Project, we love plants. Let’s see how much you already know about our leafy pals!  Here is a matching game… Print and cut out each individual box (or make your own with some...

Spring Explorers Craft: Field Journal

Today we are going to be naturalists and observe what Springtime looks like in our local environment!  This is a great way to develop kids’ observation skills while getting some much needed fresh air!  Background A naturalist is a scientist who specializes in studying...

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