YGP 2024 Seed Garlic Fundraiser!

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So, what is the Garlic Fundraiser?

Every year, YGP orders seed garlic from a trusted grower for our own garden. The varieties we order are tried and true after many years of testing in Moab’s desert climate. So, we want to share them with you all and celebrate the start of another year of good garlic!

What is seed garlic, and why does it cost more than garlic from the store?

Seed garlic is generally the largest of the season’s harvested bulbs, whereas culinary garlic tends to be the prettier, smaller bulbs. Garlic meant for seed is often left to continue growing for a few more weeks than culinary garlic, which can cause discoloration and an overall less visually appealing appearance. But, the larger the seed, the larger the bulb for the next year!

In addition to it’s small size affecting planting, culinary garlic from the grocery store has not been disease tested, may have been treated with growth inhibitors, and has often been cold or cool stored – all of which could interfere with its growth.

We are confident that the two varieties we are selling will not only grow strong, healthy plants, but will also taste delicious!

What's the difference in these varieties?

We are selling one softneck variety and one hardneck variety.

Hardneck: Hardneck garlic varieties have a rigid central stalk, or “neck,” that emerges from the bulb. They produce a single ring of cloves around the central stalk. They have a bolder and more intense garlic flavor than softneck varieties, and produce scapes, which are edible and delicious. This adds a second bonus crop to your garlic production, but can also be time consuming to remove if you grow a lot of garlic. They are well suited to colder climates, and require a period of vernalization (exposure to cold temperatures) for bulb development. Hardneck varieties typically have a shorter storage life compared to softneck.

Softneck: Softneck varieties lack the central stalk and have a more pliable stalk that can be braided for storage and decoration. They have a more mild and less intense flavor than hardneck varieties. Softneck varieties are well adapted to warmer and milder climates that do not receive a freeze. They have a longer storage life than hardnecks.

When do I plant garlic?

When planting garlic, you will want to choose a day between late October and early November before the ground becomes too cold to plant. You want your cloves to begin to establish roots but not yet sprout before their winter dormancy. Here in Moab, we typically plant our garlic around Halloween which falls right around the first frost.

All garlic will be ready for pickup by mid- to late-October. 

Why would I buy garlic from YGP?

As mentioned above, we are excited to share garlic varieties with you that we know work well in Moab! Plus, all proceeds from this event go straight to YGP’s youth and community programming, including summer camps, field trips, workshops, food access initiatives, and more. Save money on shipping while getting tried and true garlic varieties for your garden, all while supporting the Youth Garden Project!

Great! I'm ready to order. What's the next step?

Please pre-order your garlic below. Check out requires contact information, so that we can let you know when your garlic is ready to pick up. Once all of the garlic has arrived, we will host a garlic party, so you can swing by and pick up your order, enjoy a classic YGPizza night using our garlic-themed cob oven, and purchase any other add ons and YGP merch you may want! More details to come. (And, of course, if you can’t make it to the garlic party, we will have your order ready for pickup whenever you are able!)