Youth Garden Project in Moab

Community Kitchen Rental

As of June 2022, YGP is at capacity for kitchen renters. We will update this page when spots open up. 

The Youth Garden Project kitchen is a fully licensed, commercial shared-use kitchen with central counter space, hand-wash sink, triple sinks, produce-washing sink, gas oven and gas range. Users of the YGP Kitchen have access to a full set of cookware while on the premises, for the duration of the rental. 

Kitchen rentals are $10/hour or $120/day flat rate for individuals and businesses and $5/hour for nonprofits. Pricing for larger gatherings is dependent on group size. All users must sign a rental agreement and complete a 10-minute orientation with YGP staff.

Community Solar Dehydrator

Envisioned and built in 2020 through a collaboration between YGP, Resiliency Hub, Bee Inspired Gardens, USU Moab Extension, and many generous donors and volunteers, the Community Solar Dehydrator is a beautiful and functional new addition to the Moab community.

This “downdraft” style dehydrator means that the sun heats air in a clear chute (solar collector) on the exterior of the dehydrator. This warm air then travels upward into the top of the dehydration chamber. As the air cools and gathers moisture insie the chamber, it becomes heavier. The air falls to the bottom where it is sucked out through a false wall that vents on the north side. The dehydrator is airtight, so this constant flow of air and heat sucks the moisture out of your fruit, meat, or veggies!

There are 10 food-safe screens in the dehydrator which are 2′ by 3′ each. That’s 60 square feet of dehydration space that uses no electricity! The solar collector faces south and should get consistent sun for aroun d11 hours int he summer and around 6 hours in the winter. We’ll be experimenting with dehydrating different foods to see how long it takes. For now, estimate that in the summer most foods will only take a day, maybe more if the food has a high water content or if it’s cloudy or cooler outside.

The Community Solar Dehydrator is available to rent by the day for $10 or on a sliding scale to provide accessibility to all folks in the community who may benefit. Email or call 435.259.2326 for more information.

Other Rentals

YGP rents other equipment and items on a case by case basis. Reach out with questions! 

  • Chafing Sets
  • Coffee Brewers and Push Pots
  • 6 ft Rectangular Tables and Card Tables
  • Folding Chairs
  • …And More!