Come, one and all, and learn about the parts and processes of PLANTS! 

At the Youth Garden Project, we love plants. Let’s see how much you already know about our leafy pals! 

Here is a matching game… Print and cut out each individual box (or make your own with some notecards!) and then match up the terms with their definitions. They are out of order, but a key is posted below.



How did it go? Find out how many you got right using the key below!

Now that we’ve learned some terms about plants, take a look at the life cycle of a plant. Here is a diagram to demonstrate the process a plant goes through to get from seed to stomach… and back to seed!


  • The seed germinates when it is planted in the soil and watered
  • It grows roots and its first leaves in this beginning stage
  • Water uptake happens in the roots and photosynthesis takes place in the leaves of the plant, helping it to grow bigger and stronger
  • New growth (like leaves and flowers) occurs at the buds along the stem of the plant.
  • When the plant produces flowers, pollination can begin. Wind and lots of helpful insects promote pollination. 
  • New seeds are then formed along with the tasty fruits/vegetables that we harvest from the plant and enjoy. 
  • Repeat!


Now you’re a PRO at identifying plant processes! Can you identify some processes in action in your neighborhood? What part of the life cycle are the plants around you in?

Have fun exploring!