In School Programs

Garden Classrooms

Garden Classrooms are 90 minute field trips for students that teach lessons through hands-on and experiential activities. Each field trip uses the garden as a classroom and is aligned with Utah Core Standards for each grade level. Students apply what they’ve learned in school and see it come to life in the garden. We serve a handful of local preschools, and all Kindergarten – 6th grade classes in Grand County.

“My students LOVED the YGP field trip. Students loved how interactive it was, the games, getting to see the animals and taste the veggies. I really appreciated how thorough and kind the YGP teachers were.” – Grand County Elementary Teacher, 2020


Garden Classroom in Utah

Interdisciplinary Workshops

Middle and High school classes visit and use our facilities for a range of academic subjects and experiences. We’ve designed lessons and adapted garden spaces as a learning tool for each of these classes over the years: Social Studies, Art & Culture, English, Foods & Food Science, Marketing, Biology and Natural Resources as sustainability is really important for us and reducing our carbon footprint, so taking a look at carbon offsetting criticisms is essential for our studies as well.

We also host recurring experiences at the garden for specific classes, including Plant & Soil Science, Food Science classes, and Middle School Advisory. These students get to engage with the garden on a more regular basis, taking soil samples, growing plants, preparing delicious meals, and more!

YGP finds new ways to engage students at the garden each year; the possibilities for connecting state standards and curriculum to the garden are truly endless! If you have an idea or want to learn more about using the garden in your curriculum, call 435.259.BEAN or reach out to our Youth Programs Director.

High School Opportunities

We love to host high school students through GCHS’s CTE Internship Program. We offer four career pathways for CTE Interns: sustainable agriculture, food processing, nonprofit management & marketing, and outdoor education. We use the garden as a teaching tool to
supplement our students’ learning with engaging and real-world experiences.

“Now that my internship has concluded here at YGP, the career I am going to pursue is in pastry arts so all of the cooking and baking are things that will be skills I use in the future. I don’t think I want to go into childcare any longer, but am glad I got the experience working with kids.”

– Culinary Arts CTE Intern, 2019

Garden Classroom in Utah

Harvest of the Month

Harvest of the Month is a garden-to-school program that YGP piloted in the 2021 season. Now students won’t have to come to the garden to sample produce they help grow at YGP – the produce will come to them, too!

Our goal with Harvest of the Month is to encourage students to eat locally and nutritiously, try new foods and recipes, and connect with their local food community by maintaining a consistent presence in our school cafeterias. We partner with Grand County’s Child Nutrition Program to create sample recipes and provide engaging posters and other materials for students and educators about in-season produce.

For questions or clarifications about any of our youth programming, please email us at or call 435-259-BEAN!