Youth Garden Project in Moab

Upcoming Seed-To-Table Events

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Farm-to-table at the Youth Garden

Garden Dinner events are delicious and unique experiences for locals and visitors alike, celebrating the seasonal abundance of food sourced on site, from the Moab Valley, and the wider Colorado Plateau region!

YGP Garden Dinners have been around for many years now, but each one is a little different! For a Garden Dinner event, we invite guest chefs to the garden to prepare a four-course meal using fresh garden produce. Guests are seated throughout the garden or at a long communal table and enjoy their locally grown meal in the midst of the garden’s beauty. Ample time is allowed between courses for guests to savor the flavors and enjoy time spent among family, friends, and fellow food enthusiasts. Garden Dinners are scheduled throughout the growing season.

All proceeds from our farm-to-table events support hands-on, garden-based learning and engagement experiences for youth and community members in Moab. Come enjoy the bounty of the garden with us!

We are always interested in working with new chefs! If you are excited to put together a seasonally-inspired menu celebrating local food, give us a call at 435.259.2326 or email

In Season Celebration, with Guest Chefs Buck & Bernie

Friday, June 9, 2023 

Buck and Bernie are BACK as guest chefs at the Youth Garden! Enjoy a multi-course meal by Chefs Tim Buckingham and Bernard Guillas that celebrates the season using late-spring produce straight from the garden, knowing your ticket purchase supports YGP’s mission of growing food, kids, and community in Moab! This event will include a mocktail hour, optional tour of the garden, craft activity, and more prior to dinner. All guests will be seated at a long communal table.

Tickets are offered on a sliding scale and should be purchased in advance. Click the button below to reserve your seats today!

For all Garden Dinners, reservations are required and seating is limited. Tickets are offered on a sliding scale. Proceeds from the dinner will benefit YGP’s youth and community programs, such as Garden Classroom Field Trips, YGP Summer Camp, CareShare produce donations, and more!

Tickets may be refunded up to 48 hours before the event; after that we will not be able to offer a refund for canceled tickets.

Please also note any allergies, dietary restrictions, other seating requests, or additional notes that you would like the YGP team to know prior to the event! With questions, give us a call at 435-259-BEAN or email