Our Staff & Board

The Youth Garden Project relies on a team of people to carry out our programs & events, grow the garden, and achieve our mission. The core of this team includes five full-time staff members, one AmeriCorps State member, seasonal programs instructors, our high school summer Seed Crew members, and dedicated volunteers serving as our Board of Directors. Find out our more about the staff and board of YGP below.

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Meet Our Staff

Our Staff, Youth Garden Project

Executive Director

Emily has been Executive Director of YGP since Fall 2021, after having first spent a season as a garden intern and then two years in the Outreach & Development Coordinator role. Emily sees the garden as an invaluable asset to the Moab community. She’s excited to continue developing YGP as a place where people of all ages can learn new skills and foster meaningful relationships to their local environment, the food system, and with each other.


Our Staff, Youth Garden Project

Youth Programs Director

Erin recently joined the YGP team as the Youth Programs Director in summer 2021. She has led youth programming and taught outdoor education seasonally around the country for the past few years and is excited to settle down in Moab for a while. Erin is looking forward to seeing youth learn about their food and connect with their local environment in a hands-on way.



Our Staff, Youth Garden Project

Produce Manager

Sarah first joined YGP as a Farm Intern in 2020. She returned the following season as YGP’s Farm Produce Manager. Sarah sees local food as a valuable tool in nourishing our community’s health and resiliency.



Our Staff, Youth Garden Project

Farm Manager

Ben moved to Moab to be YGP’s new Farm manager starting in winter 2022. Ben is ready to put down roots here to grow a community and explore all that Moab has to offer. He is looking forward to getting his hands in the dirt and sharing his passion for nature with all.



Our Staff, Youth Garden Project

Outreach & Development Coordinator

Jessie first joined YGP as an Americorps VISTA member from 2020-2021, and returned as Outreach & Development Coordinator in January 2022. She is excited about the opportunity to further foster connections between YGP, the Moab community, and our shared planet. 



Meet Our 2023 AmeriCorps and Seasonal Staff Members

Our Staff, Youth Garden Project

 Fall Elementary Programs Instructor

Holly has taught science and math for 8 years and is excited to be teaching in the garden this fall. She loves gardening and being curious about how plants, kids, and communities grow! Outside of teaching, she enjoys climbing, yoga, and writing. 

Our Staff, Youth Garden Project

Fall Elementary Programs Instructor

Rachael joined YGP in August of 2023 after working seasonally in Moab for the past couple of years, and is excited to continue engaging more fully with the community here. The only thing she loves more than getting outside is helping others to do so, too. She sees the garden as an invaluable tool for doing this, as access to it allows people to learn about themselves, the world around them, and how they can show up as more curious and compassionate versions of themselves.

Our Staff, Youth Garden Project

2023 AmeriCorps State Food Education & Access Coordinator

Abby joined YGP in winter 2023 through the AmeriCorps program. She has studied food systems and nutrition and is passionate about connecting people to their food through gardening and cooking. She’s excited to work in the garden and hike around Moab.

Our Staff, Youth Garden Project

2023 Summer Farmhand

Meet Our Board of Directors

Desiree Westfall

Physician Assistant, Moab Regional Hospital

Anne Clare Erickson
Vice Chair

Sales Director

Jen Sadoff

CEO, Moab Regional Hospital

Tim Graham
Insect Ecologist

Ellie Keyser
Full time Mom & Former Teacher

Joyce Marienfeld
School Counselor, Retired

Marcie Vargas
Health Equity Specialist, SEUHD

Elana Davidson
Night Shelter Staff, Seekhaven Family Crisis & Resource Center