For Teachers

The Youth Garden Project is designed to serve as a space for Grand County teachers and homeschool parents to engage their students in outdoor learning. Our multiple outdoor classroom spaces can be used for existing classroom lessons to be taught in a new environment, for teachers to work with the Youth Garden to design new standards-based lessons taught by YGP educators, for service opportunities, and so much more.

While our elementary programming is a bit more structured in what we offer (elementary teachers: please visit our Youth Programs page to learn more about field trips, after school clubs, and other elementary programs), our space offers flexibility for middle and high school classes. Scroll down to learn more, reserve space for your classes, and collaborate with the YGP team to take full advantage of outdoor learning this school year!

Youth Programs in Moab

Reserve a Space

Grand County Middle and High School teachers are always welcome to bring their students over to the garden and use the space as an outdoor classroom. Please use this online reservation calendar to check for available teaching spaces, see what else may be happening at the garden at the same time, and make a reservation.

PS – Since the garden exists on school district property, no field trip slips are required to take your students to the Youth Garden!


Youth Programs in Moab

Request a Lesson

The Youth Garden Project is happy to work with teachers and homeschool parents to design and lead free, standards-based lessons for your students. Past examples have included cooking workshops for GCHS Food Science classes, a lesson on selective breeding for 7th grade Science students, garden poetry lessons for 7th grade English, and more!

Click the link below to request more details and connect with our Youth Programs Director.

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Know before you go

Below are some helpful resources so that you can be familiar with the Youth Garden Project before bringing your students to the space for the first time. If you have any questions, please give us a call and ask for Erin at 435-259-2326!

Ex: list and photos of teaching spaces/capacity/boundaries, garden expectations, benefits of garden-based learning