Teen Programs

Our work with middle and high school aged youth is dynamic. We instruct after-school cooking workshops; design lesson plans and activities for a multitude of classes ranging from Biology to Social Studies; teach elective and science courses on-site; host Work-Based Learning high school interns; recruit after-school youth volunteers; and offer a summer job-training program. 

Cooking Workshops

With support and involvement from GCMS BEACON Afterschool Program we offer one-time workshops at the garden for middle school students to participate in every month. Young people especially love eating, so these workshops are centered around cooking using garden fresh produce. Recent workshops have consisted of assembling garden pizzas, baking fruit pies, and making veggie lasagnas!

The next workshop is dependent on school closure and re-opening.

Environmental Science + Urban Farming

8th Graders can enroll in the Environmental Science or Urban Farming electives and come to the garden once a week throughout the trimester. Part of the class consists of setting up a growing experiment where students practice collecting and assimilating data. They also get hands-on involvement in the day-to-day garden tasks gaining real-world experiences with sustainable agriculture practices. 

Interdisciplinary Learning

Middle and High school classes visit and use our facilities for a range of academic subjects and experiences. We’ve designed lessons and adapted garden spaces as a learning tool for: Social Studies, Art & Culture, English, Students in Transitions, Foods & Food Science, Marketing, Biology, Natural Resources, and Nature Art classes. We collaborate and engage with new classes each year; the possibilities for connecting state standards and curriculum to the garden are truly endless!


YGP teaches different courses on-site in collaboration with Grand County High School and the Career and Technical Education department. Courses taught in recent years include Agriculture in Your Area, Plant & Soil Science, and Greenhouse Management. Throughout these courses, students get the opportunity to explore the food system and learn the fundamentals of sustainable agriculture. 

We also provide real-life work experiences for those enrolled in the Work-Based Learning program. Students spend ten days in class learning about resume building and how to interview gaining practical skills needed for the workforce. After that, they get placed at a local internship site. If they choose to intern with YGP for a trimester they can learn sustainable agriculture, culinary, environmental education, and nonprofit skills that they can use in their future career.

Seed Crew

In 2019 the Youth Garden Project started a new program called Seed Crew, a summer youth development & employment program for youth ages 14-18. Over nine weeks of summer vacation, we hire two Moab youth to work together to gain sustainable agriculture knowledge and skills, while also developing leadership and civic engagement skills. They spend their days working hands-on in the garden, assisting with summer camp activities and participating in workshops that address a variety of issues including experiential education, food access, social justice, life skills, and whatever else the wind blows our way!

Applications for the 2021 Seed Crew will open in the spring — stay tuned for more info! 


Youth Volunteer Crew

Following the Grand County School District schedule, we recruit after-school youth volunteers for each trimester. Youth volunteers commit to 1-2 hours a week at the beginning of the trimester, and complete a total of at least 10 hours of service by the end.

Youth Volunteer Crew is a great opportunity for Sterling Scholar applicants, Honors Society members, or students who are curious about small-scale agriculture and/or are looking for an easy and fun way to get civically engaged. Ages 12-18 are encouraged to apply; check our calendar for the next information session!