Middle School & High School

YGP has teen programs!!!!

Middle School

In 2014, the Youth Garden Project began partnering with the Environmental Science class at Grand County Middle School. Students in this class come to the garden for one class period once per week.

Part of the program is setting up a growing experiment where students practice collecting and assimilating data. Aside from conducting experiments, students become involved in the garden’s growing cycle through sifting compost, amending beds, planting, harvesting, and more.

High School

A new Science class, Agriculture in your Area is offered jointly with Grand County High School. Students get the opportunity to explore our food system and learn the fundamentals of sustainable agriculture, while studying botany, soil science, and  the seed to table process through hands-on, experiential learning.

Through a partnership with the Career and Technical Education Department at GCHS, YGP is providing real-life work experiences for those enrolled in the work-based learning program. High School Students can intern with YGP for a trimester learning about nonprofit work and also get their hands dirty!

Students from a variety of middle and high school classes visit the garden and participate in curriculum-relevant activities: Food Science classes taste peppers and rate them on the Scoville scale, English classes sip on Garden Meade while telling oral tales, and Art and Photography classes practice what they learn in class by creating sculptures in the garden and taking snapshots of the garden’s beauty.

If you are a teacher and are interested in bringing your class to the Youth Garden email the Education Coordinator

Seed Crew

In 2019 the Youth Garden Project started a new program called Seed Crew. Over 9 weeks of summer vacation, we hire two Moab youth to work together to gain agriculture knowledge and skills, while also developing leadership and civic participation skills. Seed Crew members spend their days working hands-on in the garden, assisting with summer camp activities and participating in workshops that address a variety of issues including experiential education, food access, social justice, life skills, and beyond. 

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