Youth Camps in Moab

Youth Camps

We’re gearing up for the 2020 season of camps! Get all the details about Spring Break Camp and Summer Camps below.


Spring Break Camp

In partnership with the Moab Valley Multicultural Center we offer a full day (9:00am-3:00pm) Spring Break Camp during the vacation week for 1st-6th graders. Each day throughout the week campers participate in a variety of activities that correlate to the days’ theme.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps provide a safe, fun, and educational environment during summer vacation for youth entering 1st-6th grade or age equivalent. Campers spend the day on-site participating in activities related to each weekly theme, swimming in the creek, playing at Rotary Park, and so much more! In an effort to reach even more campers, YGP partners with Canyonlands Field Institute for two weeks out of the summer offering an additional off-site Expedition Day Camp for older youth.

Spring Break Camp Details

Spring Break Details

Spring Break Camp provides an outdoor, hands-on, and fun experience for 1st-6th graders during the vacation week. This year, we’re teaming up with the Moab Valley Multicultural Center again to offer a full day (9:00am-3:00pm) camp! Over the week campers explore the spring garden and participate in a wide variety of activities that correlate to the days’ unique theme. Cost for camp is $120 per camper for the whole week, which includes snacks and lunch. If you’re unsure whether Spring Break Camp is for you, take a look at the FAQ’s about YGP’s Spring Break Camp (2020). Please don’t hesitate to contact the Youth Programs Director by calling 435-259-BEAN or e-mailing with further questions!

Camp Schedule

Spring Break Camp will be held April 6th-10th, 2020. 

Drop Off and Location: 9:00am at the Youth Garden Project patio (530 S. 400 E.) 

Pick Up and Location: 3:00pm at the Moab Valley Multicultural Center (156 N 100 W) 

2020 Daily Themes: 

  • Monday-Gettin’ Gross in the Garden!
  • Tuesday-Creation Station! 
  • Wednesday-Welcome to the Garden World of Hogwarts! 
  • Thursday-Cooking Through Cultures!
  • Friday-Time Travelers! 
Register for Spring Break Camp

Registration for 2020 Spring Break Camp is now open! Get your camper(s) signed- up here: 2020 Spring Break Camp Registration! Registration forms are also available at the YGP office located at 530 S. 400 E. (right next to Grand County High School). Registration is based on a first come first served policy, capped at 15 campers, so be sure to sign-up as soon as possible.

Full payment ($120 per camper) is due at the time of registration, unless you are applying for a scholarship. If you are signing up online, scroll to the bottom of the Youth Camps page and click the “Pay for Camp” button to submit your full payment through PayPal. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 1-3 business days after successfully completing your registration.

Apply for a Scholarship

All families are encouraged to apply for a scholarship! Fill out the application for a 2020 Spring Break Camp scholarship: here!

The Youth Programs Director will be in touch with you during the week of March 30th (or sooner!) in regards to scholarship amount we are able to award. Paper copies are also available to fill out at the YGP office (530 S. 400 E. right next to Grand County High School).

Summer Camp Details

Summer Camp Details

Summer Camp is a full day camp that runs from 9am-4pm during nine weeks of summer vacation. Camps are one-week sessions each with a unique theme–campers can sign up for all nine weeks or pick and choose what looks most fun to them! Throughout the day, campers participate in activities related to the week’s theme, free play at Rotary Park, engage in teambuilding games, and so much more! Cost for camp is $130 per camper per week; however, we have a sliding scale rate of $30/$65/$90 per camper for qualifying families who apply for a scholarship. 

In an effort to offer programming for more kids, we are continuing our partnership with Canyonlands Field Institute (CFI). In conjunction with our regular summer camps, we will be offering an additional off-site camp, Expedition Day Camp, for youth entering 4th-6th grades or ages 9-12 during two weeks out of the summer. Cost for Expedition Day Camp is $150 per camper per week; however, we have a sliding scale rate of $35/$75/$105 per camper for qualifying families who apply for a scholarship. 

Summer Camp Schedule

Camp Drop-Off Time and Location: 9:00am on the YGP patio

Camp Pick-Up Time and Location: 4:00pm around the Purple Chair

2020 Summer Camp Themes:

Week 1: Eco-Adventures (June 1-5)
During this week we will celebrate the natural world, learn about ways we can help our environment, participate in exciting projects using recyclables, explore solar power, get composting, and explore what ecology means and how living things work together!

Week 2: Intergalactic Exploration! (June 8-12)
Put your gardening gloves on and prepare for blast-off! During this exciting week, campers-turned-astronauts will explore all things outer space. From designing your own alien species to learning about constellations, and more—this week will definitely leave all of us wondering what’s out there…beyond planet Earth…

Week 3: Artrageous! (June 15-19)
Nurture your creativity and connection to the outdoors by exploring the natural world through art! Discover the many ways to be creative through music, painting, building, and more using natural and man-made materials of all kinds. Each artist will end the week with a new found knowledge of art and how to use what we have in the world around us.

Week 4: Water, Water, Everywhere! (June 22-26)—partnering with Canyonlands Field Institute
One of our most popular weeks of the summer is focused on one of Earth’s most precious resources—water! Throughout the week summer campers will experiment, learn about, and of course play with water. There’s no better way to appreciate the excitement of water than being on it, so we’re going on the Colorado River with Oars on Thursday, June 25th!


Week 5: YGP on Broadway! (July 6-10)
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! YGP is putting on another fantastic theatrical performance! Join us for this unique week of set-making, costumes, acting, and a final performance for the Moab community at Historic Star Hall.

Week 6: MaD sCiEnCe! (July 13-17)
Do you love the many wonders of science? During this week we will learn about and transform ourselves into scientists of all kinds—paleontologists, engineers, geologists, and beyond! Conduct experiments and explore the phenomena of the universe right here at YGP.

Week 7: Summer Safari! (July 20-24)—partnering with Canyonlands Field Institute
Grab your safari hat and binoculars to join us for this week all about creatures big and small from around the world. Birds! Butterflies! Fish! Reptiles! Mammals! From desert dwellers to jungle inhabitants to creatures of the deep, we will take this week to learn all about animals.

Week 8: Master Chef’s! (July 27-Aug. 31)
Let’s get cooking in the garden! Become the skilled chef you’ve always dreamed of being. Summer campers will discover the delicious bounty the garden has to offer as they prepare garden fresh snacks and bake tasty treats.

Week 9: Summer Olympics! (August 3-7)
Learn about champions that have beaten the odds, discover where and how the Olympics all began, and compete in the YGP Olympics! This week is sure to be action-packed, before heading back to school!

Register for Summer Camp(s)

Registration for 2020 Summer Camps will open on Monday, March 23rd at 8:00am (MST). Check back then to get your camper(s) signed up for a summer of fun! 

Apply for a Scholarship

All families are encouraged to apply for a scholarship! We are able to offer a sliding scale rate of either $30/$65/$90 per camper for qualifying families or $35/$75/$105 per camper during our off-site partnership Expedition Day Camp sessions.

More information will be available as soon as registration opens. 

Youth Camp Payment

Please use the button below to make your camp payments. 

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